June 20, 2016

Meet The Walkers | Jonalyne & Jack

Meet The Walkers
Anyone who knows me, and my team for that matter, knows that we LOVE a challenge... Soooo, how do we keep up with a marathon running bride, that just happened to complete the NYC 1/2 marathon 2 weeks before her wedding?! (While she was stretching and toning, I'm almost sure that I was somewhere eating something rich & fattening and washing it down with an arctic cold Pepsi - "Hey, who are you to judge me?!") Add to the mix that the MOH, and Bride's sister, is one of my "Bestie's" and my make-up artist - Good gravy, so now I've got to keep up with "Little Miss Marathon Runner" AND make sure my make-up is on point!

Marathon Sisters

A little background before we begin....Jo, as our Bride prefers to be called, is a Co-Principal and Alaka'i (dance instructor), along with her sister and Maid-Of-Honor Jeannie Vieve (I call her JV), at their Halau - Hawaiian Cultural Arts School. Jack, the Groom, also dances with the group and plays the ukulele. JV and I have been sistahs, since forever and Jo, was a member of the "Girlz Night Out" crew on evening that we celebrated my own engagement!

Back to the present day....I honestly can't tell you the last time I cried at a wedding, when you've been in this business as long as we have, you don't always get the chance to be a guest at the ceremony (normally we seize the chance to hydrate ourselves, use the little girls room and check on the next faze of events). Let me just say that my staff & I were blubbering crying babies, at this wedding - so much for my "on point make-up" and hoping the JV would see that I've learned something from her!

I secretly prayed that Jack & Jo would hurry through their beautiful, heart touching ceremony before my entire staff was a collective puddle of water! Jack, was the cause of me wiping my nose (in a not so lady like manner), as soon as the Jo took the first step toward him.

JV gave a moving tribute to their Mom, who was watching her baby girl from heaven and then the vows...The more they spoke, the more we cried.

Let's just say we were MORE than ready for the reception, so that we could stop all of this crying....WRONG - Jo decided that not only were we going to cry but she was going to show up EVERY lady in the room by executing a perfectly choreographed dance for Jack, thanks a lot Jo *sigh*

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Sini & Jim's Reception | College Park, MD

What happens when tradition and fun collide? A super fun reception that turned a chilly March evening, into a warm - bright affair.


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