July 28, 2014

Destination Weddings Right in Your ‘Backyard’

Lately, destination weddings are topping the list of unique wedding ideas for many couples.  And while there are some good reasons why you may consider a destination wedding over a traditional wedding (exotic scenery, tropical climate, etc.), you may want to stay home if you would like to share your special day with a number of family and friends.  Explore your backyard and see the beauty your state has to offer!  The DMV has many offerings for the perfect local destination wedding…from beach/waterfront, vineyard, urban, historic and park…there’s something for everyone here.

Oxon Hill Manor

Located in Oxon Hill, Maryland near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Oxon Hill Manor sits high on a hill with a picturesque view of the Potomac River from the garden area. The grounds include formal English gardens, rose bushes surrounding a reflecting pool, and a large brick patio for outdoor entertaining. Featured inside are exquisitely appointed rooms with wood floors, crystal chandeliers, and fireplaces. A sweeping circular staircase ascends from the first floor hallway. 












Here's What We Did At This Location

Ceremony in the English garden with picturesque view of the Potomac River

 Cocktails surrounding the reflecting pool
Seated Reception, featuring a fountain, high on the hill


Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park

For the urbanite, Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park (FDIMMP) is an ideal venue.  FDIMMP is an educational and national heritage site that highlights African American maritime history.  Located at the water’s edge on the Inner Harbor in historic Fells Point, FDIMMP has the perfect backdrop for your special day. This venue includes a courtyard, private pier and promenade.  Inside…founders room, art gallery and harbor view room w/ terrace. These rooms are stylish and unique featuring hardwood floors and exposed brick walls. 

 Herrington on the Bay

If you have always dreamed of having a beach wedding, you may want to consider Herrington on the Bay.  Set in a rural region along the Chesapeake’s Western Shore, yet minutes from Washington, D.C., Herrington on the Bay is a premiere Maryland waterfront wedding site. The outdoor pavilions and wedding ceremony lawns are set amidst lush landscaping with magnificent waterfront vistas giving you that perfect Caribbean feel.  

Here's What We Did At This Location 


Waterfront ceremony on the Polynesian Lawn
Cocktails overlooking the Chesapeake Bay

Lush reception inside Paradise Ballroom

Doukénie Winery

Doukénie Winery is the perfect spot for the nature enthusiast! Nestled against the Blue Ridge foothills in beautiful Loudoun County, Virginia, Doukénie Winery is located approximately 20 minutes west of historic Leesburg.  Packing picture-perfect panoramic views, Doukénie Winery offers the beauty you seek with each passing season. The relaxing atmosphere and grounds offer many ceremonial sites, and contribute to the refreshing character that this vineyard creates for the perfect backdrop to your special day
2941 Restaurant 

If you are looking for exceptional cuisine, elegant service, and breathtakingly beautiful views for your wedding, then you may want to consider 2941 Restaurant. Located on the shores of Fairview Lake, 2941 Restaurant is just minutes from Tyson's Corner.
I know what you’re thinking…a restaurant really???  Yes, really.  The 2941 Restaurant features stunning rooms, outdoor patio areas and waterfront views from almost every seat in the house. The menu at 2941 presents impeccably prepared modern French-American Cuisine and we offer several, appropriate for any function.



July 16, 2014

A Memorable Independence Weekend

What do you get when you pair a Physician with an Army Veteran, on July 4th weekend?.....A WEDDING TO REMEMBER!

From the moment I sat with Anna, I knew just how special she was. Anna and her parents are simply the most simple adorable people I've ever met. Known for entertaining and their sheer zest for life,  Anna & Nick's day was fun and fabulous in every way possible. From the historic venues, to the smile on their parent's faces, to every intimate moment the bride and groom shared and much more... Love, Love and more Love was in the air!

The Best Man is secretly giving the Groom one last chance to "escape"


Check out their beautiful and timeless classic library scheme below! The couple selected The George Peabody Library, in historic Mt. Vernon Baltimore, to serve as the backdrop for their reception. With reception place cards in the form of old fashion library cards filed away in card catalog fashion


Each table number was backed by pages from a love story

 Keep your eye on that purple fascinator, you WILL SEE IT AGAIN!

I told ya that you'd see this fascinator again...bet you didn't expect to see it on this guest!

 Wedding Pros:

Photography: Twist Photography
Venues: Mt Vernon Place United Methodist Church/The George Peabody Library
Wedding Planner and Designer: Affairs Remembered Planning . Design . Décor
Catering: Classic Catering
Florals: Blush Floral Designs

July 8, 2014

For The Love Of Purple

On the backdrop of  12 wooded acres in Columbia, Maryland, overlooking the serene Lake Kittamaqundi, Adam & Nadege decided to host a weekend wedding experience with their family and friends.

In Columbia there are very few venues that can give you impressive views and a modern experience... Luckily, The Sheraton is one of them! Not only does it have a patio complete with fire pit, but it's nestled on the lake and right in the center of the town’s main attractions and shopping!

Wedding Pros:

Photography: Digital Davinci's Photography
Venue: Sheraton Columbia Lake
Wedding Planner and Designer: Affairs Remembered

May 6, 2014


I'm SO loving the sweet and natural engagement pictures of Derrell & Cheri!  I also loved how simple Tierre Cobb of Anaya Photography kept the shoot and focused on catching the love between the couple! The passion he has for photography and the wedding industry is contagious! Our team is super excited about this wedding and we cannot wait to bring you the photos from their big day, so for now take a looksie at their engagement session!

April 28, 2014


The Pantone Color Institute announced it's color for the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid! Clearly they have not seen the many fabulous wedding posts and publications for the past two years.

All shades and variations of purple that you can imagine have made their way into the hearts of many couples. Purple in all its essence of royalty, is exuberant, glamorous, mystifying, and elegant. As often as many of our clients have added this gorgeous color to their color palette I have a GREAT for this color, as it's one of our signature company colors and it can be combined with so many other wonderful tones.

Bright colors like yellow and orange. Deep shades like navy blue, fuchsia and of course the ever so faithful metallic colors, silver, gold and copper. No matter what season or time of day the warmth of this vibrant color can fill any event with absolute love.



March 2, 2014


Weddings can cost a huge amount of money, so it's tempting to cut corners wherever you can. Why hire a professional photographer when all your guests will have camera phones? Why hire a DJ when you can throw your favorite playlist on shuffle? Why hire a caterer when your mother can surely bake lasagna for 200 people? As optimistic as you may be, though, do-it-yourself projects don't always save money. In fact, they can end up costing a lot more. Here's how to make sure you don't get caught in a DIY money pit.

DIY Flowers
Flowers are made of delicate stuff. They bruise and wilt easily. They need to be kept at the right temperature and humidity. They need to be put into water with the right nutrients. As strong as your artistic inclinations may be, arranging the flowers is only half of the battle. Live flowers need to be arranged a day or two (at most) before the wedding. Normally, that's when out-of-town friends & family will be arriving, you'll be shuttling back and forth to last-minute vendor and beauty appointments and you might want to attend a bachelorette party too. The inevitable last-minute fluster often results in rushed floral arranging that spoils the flowers, wasting the money you spent.
If you absolutely must put a personal stamp on your wedding florals, choose silk flowers instead of live ones. That way, you can schedule multiple craft nights in the months leading up to your big day and complete the task at your leisure. Plus, if anything goes wrong, there's still plenty of time to hire a professional.

DIY Food
You may have heard inspiring stories of "Family Catering" going off without a hitch. However, the reason these stories are passed around so readily is precisely because they're so amazing. For the average bride and groom, cooking a meal for a hundred of their closest friends isn't something they've done before. If you're picturing cooking on a large scale to look anything like cooking for a dinner party, you're missing a few essential details.
Ask yourself a few questions: When will you cook the food? You'll likely be busy for the few days before your wedding. Where will you store the food before the wedding? Your refrigerator and freezer may not be big enough. How will you transport the food to the wedding site? Do you have a vehicle large enough to lay the trays flat? How will you keep the food the right temperature during the reception? Do you have portable heaters and ice trays to maintain safe temperatures? How will you serve the food? Do you own enough serving platters, lids, and serving utensils?
By the time you're done buying pots large enough to fit everything in and renting extra refrigerators, you may have generated a budget larger than you would just by hiring a caterer.

Unless you've completed a similar project enough times that you could do it in your sleep, it's hard to know exactly what materials and how much time you'll need to finish everything. Otherwise, you could end up scrapping a failed project at the eleventh hour and purchasing new items anyway.
As with all DIY undertakings, the most important part of achieving success is impeccable planning. Never assume you can "figure it out" along the way. Only commit yourself to making items you have made successfully in the past–and even then, understand the difference between making them on a small scale and a large one. If you can't visualize every step of the process from buying the materials to presenting the end result, it's probably a lot cheaper to hire a professional.

February 5, 2014


How important does the role of color play when planning a wedding or special event? What dynamic do the colors used in table linens and décor create for the success of an event?

As an event planner, not only is it necessary that I stay on top of the current trends in special event planning but one of the first questions I always ask my potential client is what colors will play a key role to the success of their function.

Don’t be afraid of color! It is a fabulous way to evoke emotions and to set the tone for the mood of an event - think outside of the box when it comes to the design process.

The Psychology of Color

White: Pure, clean, innocent in western cultures; mourning in eastern cultures; creates a sense of space so consider draping a small or dark room in white.
Black: Sophistication, power, elegance; in some cultures it represents death or mourning but in others it can mean life or rebirth; appropriate color for high-end, black tie events.
Red: Excitement, passion, intensity; creates very strong emotions and attention-grabbing; causes blood pressure and heart rate to rise; great color for themed events where guests are encouraged to move throughout the venue.
Orange: Vibrancy, energy, excitement; creates a playful environment for your guests; attention-drawing so a great color to use at a fundraiser, especially in a silent auction area.
Yellow: Cheery, warm, alert; this color can also create frustration and anger and is fatiguing to the eye; probably best to use with another color or as an accent and not as a major backdrop, for example, or focal point in a large room; increases the metabolism so a good choice for a breakfast meeting or brunch event.
Green: Natural, healthy, tranquil; creates a calming effect, relieves stress and helps heal; hence, the symbolism behind the term “green room” as a place to relax prior to going on stage to perform; also a color to consider for a theme where “growth” is the topic.
Blue: Peace, trust, loyalty; a popular and neutral color on a global level; lowers pulse rate and body temperature and creates productivity; perfect color to use for a business meeting or corporate team training function.
Purple: Royalty, wisdom, wealth; an exotic color that is associated with luxury and extravagance but also a spiritual connection; can be used in creating special effects with lighting, for example, when designing a VIP lounge area.